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2016 Downhill Southeast at Windrock Park Gallery

2016 Downhill Southeast at TTC Gravity Park

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2016 Downhill Southeast Race 2 at Windrock Park

From beyond the tape. Published 3/14/16, Click images to enlarge.

Round 2 of  Downhill Southeast took part over the weekend at Windrock Park in Oliver Springs, Tennessee.  Just 2 hours from Asheville, the first stop in the series took place at TTC Gravity Park, and the last will be at Bailey Mountain Bike Park.  Bringing racers from all over the US and Canada.

Caroline Washam on her run near the top.

Megan Hutton slid under the tape, here getting back on her rig.

Downhill Southeast 2_69

"Danny, stay on your bike!" Heard from a heckler refering to Danny Harts 2011 World Cup Run.

Danny Hart's 2011 World Championship Run


Sometimes you raced it, sometimes you'd slide it.

One racer pushes past our vantage point dragging his derailleur.

Heading to Hecklers Rock.

Chris Grice pushes mid course mud caked between tire and fender.

Miles of tape.

Dennis Throckmorton

Goudong Ma

Road side gap.

The day of the race, some actually sat out the race. Several commented how the wet course was "Above their skillset."

Riley Weidman

Sean Leader exiting the woods.

Last bridge to cross before the finish line.

I was riding along, and then crash....

Just here to watch!

Josh Krynock loses a pedal during his run.

Racers gather at the end of the race for results and podiums.

Chuck Pitts getting some swag...

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