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2016 Downhill Southeast at Windrock Park Gallery

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2016 Downhill Southeast Race 3 at Bailey Mountain Bike Park

Published 3/27/16

The 2016 Downhill Southeast Series pulled into its last stop at Bailey Mountain Bike park. Weather for the weekend was supposed to be rain all weekend, but most of the weather held off, letting the race go on under clouds and an occasional sprinkle.  Final results for the day at the bottom of the page.

The Downhill Southeast Race Series mades it's last stop at Bailey Mountain Bike Park.

The whole weekend looked like it was going to be a wash with rain both Saturday and Sunday.

A little rain off and on was nothing compared to the monsoon that fell at Windorck Park..

Dropping in...

Known for being fast and smooth, course time averaged from 2 to 4 minutes.

More shuttles, more trail, more gaps, more good stuff...

Neko Mulally on course during Saturday practice.

Jake Degrazio

Owen Witcher over the doubles.

Pro Men Winners. Photo courtesy of Jay Schultz/GoJaMMedia

Catch more of Jay Schultz and GoJaMMedia here:  Jay Schultz/GoJaMMedia 

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