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2016 Spring Update by Suspension Experts

Published 4/25/16

PUSH Factory Tuning Center (FTC)

     Darren Murphy from PUSH Industries spent a few days with us recently to go over the new ELEVENSIX rear shock and update our Techs on PUSH tuning options. One thing came through loud and clear from Darren -- if you hear of PUSH tuning being offered in any US location beside PUSH and Suspension Experts, buyer beware. PUSH has a Factory Tuning Center (FTC) program that authorizes a select few tuning centers around the world to offer PUSH tuning options. Suspension Experts is the only authorized PUSH Factory Tuning Center in the United States. That means we have access to the proprietary parts and knowledge needed to PUSH tune suspension. If a friend tells you he got a PUSH tune from someplace else or cheaper, it's not a PUSH tune. But yes, you can buy PUSH seals and a few aftermarket parts from shops or distributors. However, true PUSH custom tuning requires parts, tools and knowledge only available from PUSH or Suspension Experts.

     What specific suspension do we tune? We offer complete PUSH custom tuning on many of the Fox Float series shocks like the R, RP, RP3, RP23, CTD (not the Evolution series). We also tune reservoir style shocks such as the VAN RC or DHX coil, and are especially excited about tuning the newer Float X. We have tuned hundreds of these very common shocks from Fox and have a high satisfaction rate and we continue to work with our customers after the work is done to make sure that the shock they receive is better than new. Many Fox forks can also be tuned, so we offer PUSH tuning for FIT series, and FIT4 series forks as well as RC2 equipped forks. If you are unsure if your fork or shock qualifies for custom PUSH tuning please call us.

And speaking of PUSH we are excited to announce the addition of the ELEVENSIX rear shock to our offerings!

     PUSH currently has fitment and compatibility for 42 mountain bike models and is constantly adding more. The ELEVENSIX is a premiere product and while the entry fee is priced accordingly it is good to remind riders of a few exceptional features:

     ELEVENSIX can be transferred to different bikes with a factory damping adjustment - it can follow you from bike to bike! Unlike most shocks, we can easily modify the length and stroke as well as modify damping characteristics to suit your future ride plans.

     Durability. Period. PUSH has spent many years working on other companies' products. This experience has allowed them to create a product that not only out performs everything else on the market, it comes to the rider with a very long service life. We still recommend normal routine maintenance but the ELEVENSIX has the advantage of much longer service intervals than its competition.

     It's a coil shock, but it's not just any coil shock. They use an exclusive HyperCo Ultra Light Suspension Spring available in 25lb/in increments. Made from High Tensile spring alloy and featuring Optimum Body Diameter technology eliminating spring deflection and body wear. Exclusive 360 degree spring capture and bump stop cup eliminates extrusion of bumper under extreme bottoming loads and ensures proper spring alignment.

     Performance. Unique to the ELEVENSIX is its dual overhead valve system. What that means is that it's the only shock on the market to have two separate and entirely independent damping circuits. Flip the switch to engage a pedaling platform, flip it back to rip the descent. Both circuits allow for fine tuning high and low speed compression. Traction issues? Not any more!

     We like this shock so much we bought a new shop bike just to ride it...the Wreckoning from Evil Bicycles. As we build it out and start test riding, we'll keep you updated on the performance.

     As a PUSH Factory Tuning Center, we have the ability to build these shocks to fit any of the 42 different combinations currently available. Feel free to come by the shop and have a look, or call us at 828-255-0205 if you'd like more details.

What does he Ride? Ian's Ibis Ripley LS

     I've been riding Ibis bikes for a couple of riding and racing seasons now and have really gotten to know the personality of their 29er gem, the Ripley. I recently upgraded to the LS model which tweaks the original geometry to a more modern fit, it's lower, longer and slacker than the original model. Basically, it's a more capable mountain bike.

     I could easily go on about all of the bike's attributes (I love it!), but we're suspension folks, so what's going on in that department? I selected a Fox 36 RC2 140 mm fork as I wanted to get as much help descending as possible. I recently PUSH tuned the RC2 damper and have been very impressed with that modification. Not only does this improve upon the factory damping, it gives the rider a much more usable range from the compression adjusters - in other words, each click gives a more noticeable damping change. Nice!

     The shock? The bike is designed for an inline style shock and Ibis has done a fantastic job at selecting a factory option that works well and compliments the bike's attributes. I'm running and loving the Fox DPS with the EVOL air can. The DPS damping system is the best of both worlds allowing a true lock out style shock while still maintaining a very active open mode setting. The EVOL air can has a huge negative air spring which allows for a very supple feeling shock over small and bigger bumps. We continue to be very impressed with the 2016 Fox line up and this set up is a great way to highlight their offerings!

     If you're shopping for an Ibis in western North Carolina please check out Chainheart Cycling Studio in Asheville and The Hub in Brevard.

-Ian B.

Back to the trails...

     Our experience in the suspension business for the last 10 years has taught us many things, but one of the most important lessons is that true custom suspension tuning does not come from a showroom floor. Big factories can tune for a "what" (as in what kind of bike) but they can't tune for a "who" (as in size and type of rider). Because stock suspension has to be able to function for many different riders, it can never function perfectly for just one rider. We use scientifically obtained data from PUSH Industries for hundreds of different combinations to make the suspension perfect for just one rider...you. Let us know when you're ready!

Thanks, KB


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