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2016 Cane Creek Dual Slalom Challenge

2016 AVLCX at the Reeb Ranch

2016 Race Report:  REEB REEBellion

Published 10/06/16

The Reeb Reebellion was two days of bike racing at the Reeb Ranch in Brevard, NC. 

     On Saturday, The 2nd Annual Dirt Diggler Gravel Grinder by Blue Ridge Adventures would take off on a backcountry/gravel tour through Transylvania and Henderson Counties. A blend of paved road and gravel winding through Dupont State Forest and end on two miles of single track back at the ranch. This year would the weather would be a complete opposite from last year, where a hurricane drowned the course. Causing the race to be cut in half due to flooding. 169 racers finished the race with Tristin Cowie taking Men’s overall at 2:55:04 (16mph) and Samantha Bendt winning the overall Women’s at 3:44:15(12.5mph)

Early morning fog during registration for the Dirt Diggler.

Early morning prior to race start

Almost 200 racers signed up for nearly 50 miles of racing around the Ranch and Transylvania County.

No flyover out of the back of the barn this year.  To start, racers would race through the barn and do the same at the finish.

The gun goes off and all are on course.

And there off...

Tristan Cowie takes the win.

Men's overall winners.

Samantha Bendt winning the overall Women’s at 3:44:15(12.5mph)

Women's overall winners.

     Later on Saturday, would by the Cane Creek Dual Slalom Challenge. Cane Creek Components worked away and transformed the Jump line in to a dual slalom course. The Challenge consisted of 2 competitors racing next to each other down the course. Both riders times are taken the they switch sides for another round. Their times are combined, the faster time moves to the next round to do it again and the slower is eliminated.

Phil Kmetz sailing at the Cane Creek Dual Slalom Challenge.

Skills with Phill Kmetz.

     On course were, as well as others, Neko Mulally, Walker Shaw, Kyle Grau, Phil Kmetz, Sarah Hill, Shanna Powell. Nothing like competing against some of the top racers in the world. As well as one of the top racers in the world, was one of the youngest named Ethan Chryst. He competes in BMX. At 7 years old, he is in the top 10 in the world in his category.

Just prior to the start, Trey Cook had a huge crash on the dirt jumps, but was able to walk it off and compete.

Trey Cook all smiles after a few minutes to recover from a crash.

Night at the ranch with the course tape highlighted for the next day's Cyclocross.

Night in the field at the Reeb Ranch.  Headlights light up the course tape for the next day's CX race.

     Sunday, Asheville Cyclocross was at it again. The course highlighted the unique features of the 140 acre property including a hillside W, and the burning can spiral. During the Mens B Race, Jimmy Awad would take the win after a crash would eliminate the leaders less than 100 yards from the finish on the last lap. Later in the Masters 35+ race, Jacobe McGahey would take the win from James Pittman and Jeff Welch who lead most of the race. Tristan Cowie would win 1st again in the Men’s A Race, making him 2 for 2 that weekend.

Men's B race with Asheville Cyclocross.

Race leaders during the Men's B Race.

Beer hand-ups.

Bikes, brews, and barns...

Ross Monckton giving cyclocross a run after having raced in the Dual Slalom the day before.

Nick Christofalos stops for a drink during his second race of the day.

Jane Burlew wins the Women's A Race.

2016 AVLCX #2_151

Images with the Dirt Diggler logo provided by Blue Ridge Adventures Racing other images provided by  Icon Media Asheville.


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