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From Asheville Cyclocross at Pisgah Brewing Co.

Some things just get better with age. Wines, Sven Nys, your vintage flannel, etc….. One thing for sure is that racing Cyclocross at Pisgah Brewing is doing just that, getting better and better!!! This was our 5th year at Pisgah, and the enthusiasm of the racers, the families, and people who just want to watch some bike racing has not wavered. Low clouds and cool temps greeted us in the morning as we put the finishing touches on the course. Using the fabulous Sears Craftsmen push mower (not self propelled) The whole course got a fresh hair cut to take the down grass that had generous amounts of rain dumped on it right up to the day before the race. We added a new section that had a tough false flat to it and was a bit boggy. By the time the first races went off the course responded well to the rains and was surprisingly grippy. We had 59 total racers in the first 2 races, beginner men and women. That seem to set the tone for the rest of the day, above average field sizes in every category. The vibe was great all day long and the food along with it. We were treated to “Out of The Blue” food truck. They were super cool and made some damn fine food. All of the races were exciting and was punctuated with a great battle for 3rd place in the men’s elite race that saw Jordan Lewis over take Charlie Hough in the second to last corner. As people fan out and get ready for the “real” season we here at AVLCX want to say good luck to all,and we are so honored that you choose to come to our races and dig our mission statement. AXLCX likes to bring Cross to the people, not only providing a race, but an event as well where you want to stay and hang out when you are done racing and enjoying good company, food and usually beer. As many of you know we had to bail on our REEB ranch weekend due to excessive rains. But fear not we rescheduled for Thanksgiving weekend. Come race cross on Saturday, hangout Saturday night and ride Mtn. Bikes in Du Pont on Sunday. Beats watching football any day of the week. Good luck to everyone at opening NCCX weekend. Cheers from all of us at AVLCX….

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