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New Products for 2016 Via Suspension Experts

New Products for 2016

At this time of year, we often start to get notice of the new products on the horizon. For 2016, Cane Creek is introducing a couple of shocks that are not so much new but revised versions of shocks that are already produced. With the bike industry taking another look at coil sprung rear shocks, the folks at Cane Creek have applied their Climb Switch technology to the DB Coil in an effort to deliver DB Coil CS that magical coil sprung feel to those all-around riders that need some built-in efficiency for extended climbs. Many of us feel like this feature makes a lot of sense for a coil sprung shock. Speaking of coils, the DB Inline looks like it will also be offered in a coil version for largely the same type of rider but with the ability to fit into some tighter spaces found on many of today's busy frames.

Fox jumps into 2016 with a thoroughly re-vamped line-up of both forks and shocks. Several of the forks in the line-up get the new FIT 4 damper, which is pretty awesome, but the big deal is a transition to a new type of air spring that is not only much, much lighter than previous versions, but with a self-adjusting negative air spring, which will also accommodate riders across the entire weight spectrum.

For rear shocks, the Fox Float X2 utilizes the same approach as Cane Creek's Twin Tube equipped DB line to offer a huge amount of external adjustment that works well on a variety of bikes. Rear air shocks from Fox have the option of a new Evol Air Sleeve with a much larger neg chamber to help improve small-bump performance, but also some really cool damper changes that include the ability to perform well in open mode, yet have a really firm lock-out feature. Here's a photo of the Fox Factory Series DPS shock that I have set up on my own bike with a Push Industries damper body. This shock packs a lot of performance into a small package! We'll be stocking many of these new products so feel free to come by and have a look or, of course, we are always happy to ship new forks and shocks as well.

Kevin's Ibis with 2016 Float DPS w/ Evol Air Sleeve

Fox 34

Fox Float X2

DRCV Experts

Do you own a Trek full-suspension mountain bike? Many full-suspension bikes from Trek use a proprietary rear shock called the DRCV (Dual Rate Control Valve). We know how to extract the best possible performance out of these shocks because so many come through our door.

This shock uses a secondary air chamber in an effort to give the bike two different personalities...lively and poppy on smaller hits, while still having the ability to absorb the big stuff. When custom tuning a fork or shock, we always start by looking at the spring curve before we look at the damping because both need to be correct in order to deliver the best performance for a rider. For riders running higher pressures we will often install the PUSH Industries Volume Reduction Kit to help get the spring curve dialed in, and then we will look at different valving options. Once we've addressed all of these different tuning parameters we'll end up with a shock that feels so much better than when it rolled off the production line.

I don't know about y'all, but I'm looking forward to the best riding season of the year. Temperatures are dropping, trails are in good shape, and the leaves are going to start changing. Our exceptionally fast turn-around times will keep you operating at peak performance with minimal downtime.

Stay tuned! KB

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