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News for October Via Suspension Experts

Cooler Temperatures and Great Fall Riding

What am I looking at? This is wear on a fork's stanchion that can be prevented by regular service intervals. It's easy to overlook maintenance on your mountain bike this time of year. The leaves are changing, the air is crisp and cool, and for many of us our local trails are in terrific shape. So who wants to send in their fork or rear shock for service when you could be riding instead? The trouble is that if you let your suspension go too long between service intervals you could be faced with expensive repairs. One of the most common problems we see here is pre-mature stanchion wear, be it on a fork or shock. The cause? Worn bushings, seals, and contaminated oil in a well loved fork or shock. As seals start to degrade they begin to let in more and more contaminates like dirt, grit, and sand; basically parts of your local trail surface begin to live inside your stuff. Once it get's in there it acts like sand paper and before too long you have a bigger issue to resolve.

What am I looking at? This is wear on a fork's stanchion that can be prevented by regular service intervals.

Fast Turnaround!

We are maintaining quick turnaround right now, with most jobs finished in just a few business days. We recognize one of the biggest hurdles for our customers is being without an operational mountain bike. We understand this, being passionate about riding ourselves, which is why we strive to get your equipment back to you as quickly as possible. For most jobs we are under one business week. If time is a sensitive subject don't hesitate to call us, our work load changes daily and every job is unique. Sometimes special parts are needed and can influence down time. Fill out our work order today to get the ball rolling!

Beyond Factory Rebuilds?

Some of the internal parts we use for a PUSH tune. Regular maintenance is important but what else do we do? We often get questions about after market "hop ups" - be it in the form of a custom tuning package, or maybe an air spring volume reduction. It's important to know a little about the issues you're having, your riding style, your mass, and your bike. With all of that data we work closely with our partners at PUSH Industries to develop a custom tune that is specific for your needs. A custom tune takes the riding experience from good to excellent and it's a great option for people already needing a factory rebuild but want to take their suspension to the next level. Click here to submit your work order.

Some of the internal parts we use for a PUSH tune.

Visually speaking...

Much of what we do here seems to be mysterious black magic - it's not. It's based on real world testing and a close relationship with our partners, our own experiences, and believing in what we sell. For a change of pace it's nice to look at something as visually pronounced as the fork on the right. You're looking at a PUSH Hi/Lo compression cap and Volume reduction modification to this Fox fork. While this setup isn't for all types of riders (or forks) everyone who has invested in this upgrade has given us glowing reviews. As an added bonus? It looks really cool. Learn more about it here.

As we go into that final push of nice weather before old man winter comes we're gearing up for our busiest time of year. Winter is the time most people start thinking about bike maintenance and we typically see an increase of business. You can get a jump on things by taking care of your suspension now rather than waiting. We understand that if you're not riding anyway it can make sense to wait for looming repairs, but don't wait too long especially if you've had a full season of riding already. (See the above image!)

With trends changing like the leaves we're excited about new products from our partners, news in mountain bike technology, and a new season for enjoying our great outdoors. We hope this season treats you well.

Ian Baldwin - Senior Technician

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