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Personal and Commercial

     Thank you for thinking of Icon Media Asheville for capturing your events or commercial images.  Each year, we take thousands of photos, meet all kinds of folks, and travel all over to do what we do.

     Here are a few things to keep in mind when making a request for images:

1.  We are constantly looking around, pointing our cameras, and taking photo's.  Unfortunately for a lot of events, we are there to capture the whole event, so we may not have an image of every person there.

2.  We post the best of what we have.  For most events, we will post the best captures that represent the event or vibe of the event.  That doesn't mean we missed something or somebody.  That means in the grand scheme of things we posted what we thought best represented your event.  We tend to have a lot of images that we don't post.  If we are working an event for you, you may request all the images from your event at an additional charge.  Our fee is based on processing a certain amount of images based on your event and not every photo we take.  All images are available in raw format upon request.

3.  Once we post our images, the raw files images are removed from our computers and stored on another server.  Having said that, images request  from past events involve us pulling the images up from the server, culling through the images for your request,  processing the image , posting, invoicing, and delivering the image .

 4.  There is Search Fee for us to search for an image, in the event we do not have the images you requested you still have to pay the fee. Unfortunately the process above can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour for us to process.  We will bill you prior to processing any requests for images.  The basic fee is $10.  Multiple images or larger request will result in a additional charges.

5.  Commercial requests.  We're all to happy to take your request.  Contact us for pricing and details.                                                                                                                                              

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