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How it works:  Setting up Registration on Icon Media Asheville

     We'll create a page for your event.  We can use information from a past event or let us know about a new one.  Once we have the page created, we'll let you know and send you a link.  From there you can request changes from us. Once we've got the page the way you want it, we'll publish it when your ready . 

     Pages are  created from a general template.   Once we have the page created for you, we create a dashboard for you with information specific to you event.  It contain links to your event, information about it as listed on the page, download links for you to get your registration information and more.    Our approach is simplicity.           

     We also create a registration form for your event.  We add a confirmation email and other information related to registration.   We create a log-in button for you as the promoter and one for your timing person.  That way you have privacy over what's seen on your dashboard .

     Once its all together we manage registration for your event and update your dashboard as individuals register, as questions come to the site, and keep track of the registration.  All the information you've set up for registration is there to download when you want it.  We can also set up limits on how many participants you have, price changes, and start and stop dates for registration. 

What about...

     Photos.  Add photos to your page or let your particpants add photos. They can be any size you want.  They can be added to the page and be set to scroll in the background of this page.  They can also be set to be downloaded by your participants.

     Payments. Quick access to your money.  No hidden Fees and get payments anytime.      

     Security.   We provide a secure site via for event hosting and registration via SmugMug.  Credit Card processing is provided by Stripe.  At Icon Media Asheville we do not collect personal credit card information nor do we store or have access to any credit card information. .  We only collect information needed for racing and race registration. 

     Refunds.   We understand that things happen can offer refunds prior to final payout with your approval.             

     Roll-Over.  Once your event ends we can put it away for later use on the site.  You can leave it up for next year if you like and we'll change the date for you.  You can let us know via email when your ready and we'll make it live again.  No need to create the page again when we can hide it for you and make changes as you request.  

Fees.  We charge 6% plus $1.25.  The minimum is $2.95This is charged to the participants.  We don't charge for the promotions of events on Icon Media Asheville.

     Questions, comments, calls, or changes?  We are available via email at iconmediaasheville@gmail.com or (828) 400 - 0146.  

Why Icon Media Asheville?

Your events look better here!

Cycling Specific.

Make your registration pop from your site to how participants sign up!

A friend of cycling since before 2013 and a cyclist.

Typically over 250k views(clicks) per month.

IMA typically covers some of the largest races in the area and has been seen on Pinkbike, SingleTracks.com, local, and regional publications. 

Icon Media Asheville is always finding ways to drive traffic to our site and become the largest cycling related site in the south! Cycling domination one click at at a time.

Where to start?

     Want to give it a shot?  Contact us about putting a page together for you.  We can copy the information about your event from another page if it's listed some where else and create something for you to look at and take for a test drive.  We'll put the event page together.  We'll let you know when its done.  Look at it for yourself and decide.  Don't want to do it.  We can easily remove the page.  As we create the pages for you, they're hidden .  No one can find one and accidentally register for your event.  Want to think about it.  No problem.  Interested in doing it in the next year?  We'll park the page for you until your ready.  It's that easy.

    Thanks again for considering Icon Media Asheville for hosting your race registration.  Feel free to contact us at (828) 400-0146 or at iconmediaasheville@gmail.com.  

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