2016 Rolling Thunder #4_173

Host your cycling Event Registration on Icon Media Asheville!

Cycling Specific

Icon Media Asheville is all about cycling.  No hunting for your event on a site not related to cycling.

Robust Features

Make your event stand out with photos, results, who's registered, links to your sponsors, maps to locations and more.

Downloadable  Reports

Download your Excel, CSV, or tab file when ever you need it.

Custom Email Confirmation

Create a custom email specific to your event.

Online Event Listing

Your event is added to our Online Calendar of events.

Full Event Page

You receive a full event page with images, maps, event specific links, a full webpage for your event.

Free Photo Uploads

Add  Images from your event. 

Free Photo Sharing

Photos from your event will be available to share right from your event page.

Free Live Photo Uploads

Upload photos from your event directly to your event page prior to, during, and after the event.

Volunteer Sign Up Also Available

Create a volunteer page on the same page for those who can't race but still want to participate.

Race Predictor 

See who is registered.

Upload Results

Upload results from your events.

Easy Carry Over

For the next time that event rolls around again, let us know.  We can reactivate your page within minutes.

Add links to your website, maps, GPS information, your social media, sponsors and more....

Simplified sign up and dashboard.  Spend your time setting up your event and less time figuring out how to set up an event page. 

     At Icon Media Asheville we've taken the whiteboard approach out of Event registration.  We've added color photo's to the black and white.  We've also added volunteer registration as well. All this on a platform for cycling and cycling photography.  Don't have a website for you event? Add it here to IMA.  Add registration all in the same page at no cost.

Contact us for specific details or questions at iconmediaasheville@gmail.com.

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