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2015 Asheville Cyclocross Series at Pisgah Brewing Co.

Results from the 2015 Asheville Cyclocross Series at Pisgah Brewing can be found here:

Gallery 1

  • After a deluge the day before, the morning started off with leaving us to wonder if it would rain again.
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  • AVLCX_2
  • AVLCX_3
  • AVLCX_5
  • AVLCX_4
  • AVLCX_6
  • AVLCX_7
  • AVLCX_8
  • Chris Grice who usually races Downhill and BMX, crossing a barrier in the Men's Beginner Race.
  • AVLCX_10
  • The Duke as he races behind the stage.
  • AVLCX_12
  • Passing behind the stage.
  • AVLCX_15
  • David Lamond.
  • AVLCX_18
  • AVLCX_19
  • AVLCX_21
  • AVLCX_22
  • AVLCX_20
  • AVLCX_23
  • AVLCX_24
  • AVLCX_26
  • AVLCX_25
  • AVLCX_27
  • AVLCX_28
  • AVLCX_29
  • AVLCX_30
  • AVLCX_31
  • AVLCX_32
  • AVLCX_33
  • AVLCX_34
  • AVLCX_36
  • One of what I was going to be the shot of the day only to have it changed when the tape snapped out of my hand and back into place.
  • AVLCX_37
  • AVLCX_40
  • AVLCX_39
  • Ricky Muehl riding a fatty hopping the barriers.
  • AVLCX_42
  • AVLCX_43
  • Kevin Conrecode warming up for the Pisgah Productions Double Dare.
2015 NightTrain 1

Gallery 2

  • AVLCX_45
  • AVLCX_48
  • AVLCX_47
  • AVLCX_50
  • AVLCX_49
  • AVLCX_52
  • AVLCX_51
  • AVLCX_53
  • AVLCX_54
  • AVLCX_55
  • AVLCX_57
  • AVLCX_56
  • Alex Ryan in the spotlight of the woods section.
  • AVLCX_60
  • AVLCX_61
  • AVLCX_62
  • The after party and awards would move inside to the brewery.
  • AVLCX_64
  • Early morning as registration and number pick up get started.
  • AVLCX_73
  • AVLCX_74
  • AVLCX_75
  • AVLCX_76
  • AVLCX_78
  • AVLCX_77
  • AVLCX_79
  • AVLCX_80
  • AVLCX_81
  • AVLCX_82
  • AVLCX_84
  • AVLCX_83
  • AVLCX_85
  • AVLCX_86
  • Eliz Harrison, new to the Cyclocross scene, racing for Pure Velo.
  • AVLCX_88
  • AVLCX_89
  • AVLCX_90
  • AVLCX_91
  • Taking life by the horns and rolling with it.
  • Luke Barnett crossing the line 1st in the Men's Beginner Race.
  • AVLCX_95
  • AVLCX_97
  • Sequoya Moore happy to be crossing the line finishing 5th in the Women's Beginner Race.
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Gallery 3

  • AVLCX_46
  • Men's B race lining up for the start.
  • AVLCX_101
  • AVLCX_102
  • Youngblood Haske.
  • The Men's B race as it gets started and the pack makes it way down the straightaway .
  • AVLCX_106
  • AVLCX_107
  • Man down, man down...
  • Early in the Men's B race The Duke on the backside of the course.
  • Brandon Blakely riding for Brevard College would move into 3rd during the race only to have his race cut short by a flat tire.
  • AVLCX_111
  • AVLCX_112
  • AVLCX_114
  • AVLCX_113
  • David Nolletti as he crosses the last humps on the way out of the woods.
  • Neko Mulally crossing the barriers in the Mends B race.
  • AVLCX_117
  • AVLCX_118
  • AVLCX_120
  • AVLCX_119
  • AVLCX_121
  • AVLCX_122
  • AVLCX_123
  • AVLCX_124
  • AVLCX_125
  • AVLCX_126
  • AVLCX_127
  • After most of the race in the lead, things change as Neko Mulally takes the lead from The Duke.
  • Evan McIntosh.
  • AVLCX_130
  • Ryan Taylor pulls himself away from the Blue Ridge Battle Pump Track Challenge to race with Asheville Cyclocross.
  • Mike King.
  • David Nolletti in 3rd at one point during the Men's B race, gets a front flat.  Walking to the pit, he went on to get 5th overall.
  • After a day of drenching rain and clouds in the morning, the sun came out and most of the track dried out by mid day.
  • Run, Rabbit, run...during the Men's B Race a rabbit runs the course between the racers.
  • AVLCX_138
  • Thank to Industry 9, Sponsor of the race and the kids races with Asheville Cyclocross.
  • Dave Wood on the warms up prior to the Men's Master 35+ race.
  • Pisgah Brewing, one of the most spectator friendly locations on the tour.
  • AVLCX_141
  • AVLCX_142
  • Dave Thomas keeps the kids in line as the Little Bikers get ready to start.
  • AVLCX_144
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