2015 Partners

Liberty Bikes Title Sponsor of the King and Queen of Pisgah

Earth Fare

Carmichael Training Systems


Kolo Flow Bike Park

Diamond Brand Outdoors

First Restoration Sevices

Southern Super D Series

Icon Media Asheville, proud sponsor of the Southern Super-D Series.  Next stop, Dark Mountain, Wilkesboro. May 23.

Trips for Kids WNC


Bad Idea Racing

Highland Brewing

Highland Brewing, Asheville NC

See Yourself Here!

2015 Winter Short Track Series Finale , Charlotte NC

Results from all the races can be found here:


Gallery 1

  • Although off to a chilly start, the rain disappeared.   The day was looking better already.
  • Short Track_103
  • Teams from near and far were on hand for the final day.
  • Short Track_102
  • Short Track_105
  • Short Track_104
  • Short Track_106
  • Short Track_107
  • Short Track_109
  • Short Track_112
  • Short Track_115
  • Short Track_114
  • Short Track_110
  • Short Track_113
  • Short Track_111
  • Short Track_116
  • Short Track_122
  • Short Track_138
  • Short Track_504
  • Short Track_3
  • Short Track_505
  • Short Track_7
  • Short Track_4
  • Short Track_506
  • Short Track_1
  • Short Track_2
  • Short Track_507
  • Short Track_9
  • Short Track_10
  • Short Track_508
  • Short Track_509
  • Short Track_510
  • Short Track_511
  • Short Track_512
  • Short Track_169
  • Short Track_172
  • Short Track_188
  • Short Track_187
  • Sycamore Cycles,  136   3rd  Avenue East, Hendersonville, NC
  • Short Track_514
  • Short Track_180
  • Short Track_181
  • Short Track_190
  • Short Track_183
  • Short Track_184

Gallery 2

Suspension Experts, 89 Thompson St. Asheville, North Carolina.
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