2017 Beech Mountain Pro GRT: Day 2, More Practice and Seeding

Day 2 of the Beech Mountain Pro GRT started like the day before as a 50/50 day of weather.  50% of the day was going to be sunny and the other 50% was going to be raining.  As our friend Eric Wever (Pisgah Produtions) would say "There's a 100% chance of weather today.  We're in the mountains.  It's going to do something somewhere." 

At least the rain gave us some good stuff for this video by Mountainbike Mania....

Qualifying Beech GRT #3

Slippy sloppy day of Qualifying here at Beech Mountain Resort for Pro GRT #3 here in North Carolina! Mauricio Estrada, Angelina Palermo, & Titus Nicholson went fastest - it got loose, check out the extras.

Posted by MountainBike Mania on Saturday, June 17, 2017

Starting on the Cat 2 and 3 course, here's what we saw...

Cooper Rodrigues hitting a drop....

After a few twists and turns Jose F. Guil drops into the first wood section.

Over the roots .

Ben Kealy

On the way out with Josh Piazza.

Into the next section with Jacob Hutcheson.

Cooper Rodriges and Jack Snarpier.

Ski Patrol

Finding the line here was was quite a trick with Josh McFadin.

Don't Stop pedaling.....Speed is your friend.

Hue Mulgrew over the rocks and through the woods.

Out of the woods a different scene....

Back on the Cat 1 course as the rain began... with Jake Kahn

On the way back up the course, Titus Nicholson was up to this....

To the right, to the right....Maoricio Estrada.

Bottom of the rock garden with Walker Shaw.

Then it got really dark as the bottom got ready to fall out....(the camera doesn't work so well) with Zach Gaeris. Diggin' the duct tape though...

It rained hard and got really gritty....(Wiley Caupas)

Untitled photo

It stopped raining just in time for the start of the seeding runs....Peter Mills of Elevated Trail Designs clears the course.

Titus Nicholson would lay down the fastest time of the day with a 2:36.

Angelina Palermo would be the fastest woman at 3:28.

Best Elk Horn and melody goes to Shrimper Khare.

Best attempt to balance a bike on your toe while looking for bills on the course goes to Rachel Kelleher.

Rachel's a real bada$$ and an awesome sport for letting us post this photo. Thank You so much!

2015 CX Nats....

I see you....



Hopefully tomorrow....

Join us tomorrow for racing beginning after lunch.  Check the full schedule for exact times. Tuesday night, all photo's go up.  Thanks for playing Bikes with us!


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