2017 Beech Mountain Pro GRT 

Random shots from Day 1 of the Beech Mountain Pro  GRT. Video by our friends at Mountainbike Mania.

Published on: 06/17/17

Beech MTN Practice GRT #3

Pro GRT #3 is underway at Beech Mountain Resort! Practice was full of line comparison and finding flow. #downhillmtb

Posted by MountainBike Mania on Friday, June 16, 2017

Sunny and blue skies for the morning runs....Michael Kane at the begining of Thursday's practice runs.

Let's Fly...

Gary Hayden flies down from the top and into the first woods section.

Charles Frydendal stops for a look near the top. Just go straight, then left at the rock....

Angelina Palermo digs in.

Caroline and Will Washam look back on the course after crossing the "hole" as we'll call it.

Wiley Kaupas rides the tape over the "hole" or gap as seen from below.

Chandler Watts gets past the "poop chute" on his way to the rock garden.

Michael Kane and Phillip Steele almost seem to cross paths on their way to the rock garden.

Logan Binggeli

Rachel Kelleher in the rock garden.

You've got something on you elbow....

Joshua Rogers

Owen Witcher

Out of the garden and into the open. Dylan Conte

Untitled photo

Caroline Washam

Allex Willie

Shane Leslie

Ethan Quisenberry, rains almost every time we see him.

Sam Kahn and Louis Diomede at the last hump before the finish.

Back at the bottom....


Patrick Alcisto dialing it in.

Late in the day and the rain goes away. Kind of...

Ross Mockton

Pro and Cat 1 Race Course - Black Bear

Posted by Beech Mountain Resort on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Cat 2 and Cat 3 Race Course - Blue Ridge Rocks

Posted by Beech Mountain Resort on Wednesday, June 14, 2017


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