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2017 Beech Mountain Pro GRT 

2017 Beech Mountain Pro GRT: Day 2, More Practice and Seeding

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2017 Beech Mountain Pro GRT Results

Published by: Jennifer Mesk

Published on: 06/20/17

Ah, race day. Sunday came and unlike the rest of the week, all sun, a few clouds, and no rain.  The course went from dry and fast to greasy to peanut butter depending on the when you were on.  Follow the link above for full  results.  Make sure you take the show here from: Mountain Bike Mania

Finals Beech MTN Pro GRT #3

Fast day of finals at Beech Mountain Resort with Bruce Klein, Angelina Palermo, & Steven Walton taking down the wins! #NorthCarolina #BeechMTN #downhillmtb #progrt

Posted by MountainBike Mania on Sunday, June 18, 2017

Raphael Ferreira begins his courswalk the day of the race.

Blue skys, slight breeze, full speed ahead.

Seth Prichard on the Cat 2 & 3 course. In the last wooded section.

Blake Parr would win the Men 19-29 Cat 2.

Ivanna Estrada would take the top of the podium for Women Juniors 9-18 Cat 2

Guodong Ma we'll downhill and chill.

No bills here...move along now.

Untitled photo

Aint nobody got time for that....

Suns out, guns out. Viper armed! Mason Calderhead.

Jason Hutcheson wins mens 40-49 Cat 3

Gage Collina

Back on the Pro/Cat 1 course Ross Mockton airs it out...

And then I did this, and then I did that...

Todd Renwick as seen from above.

Chuck Pitts would win the Mens Cat 1 40-49.

Walker Shaw as seen from from race day practice.

Jordan Newth

Bruce Klien, Mens Pro Winner.

Angela Palermo would be the fast woman of the day.

Caroline Washam would take a fall in the rock garden and still make it to the 2nd spot on the podium.

Ross McDonald would step out from behind the camera (MountainBike Mania) and get on the course.

Now get back to work!

Yeah Bikes!

Steve Walton would take the top of the podium in the Juniors 15 to 18 Cat 1.


Aiden or Clancy Lorhman(sometimes we just dont know). Aiden would body slam a rock in the garden and possibly broke his hand, but we believe he picked up 3 bills while he was looking for his bike

I should have brought a hammock.

Clealan Watts(3rd Mens 50-59 Cat 1) with Andy Richter(2nd Mens 40-49 Cat 1)

Dylan Conte out of the garden.

Marcelo Gutierrez in the house(not really).

1st, Angelina Palermo, 2nd Caroline Washam, 3rd Rachel Kelleher, 4th Amber Price.

1st Brue Klein, 2nd Shane Leslie, 3rd Austin Hackett-Klaube, 4th Logan Binggeli, 5th Kyle Grau.


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