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    Icon Media Asheville started out as a cycling photography site originating from a love of cycling and the outdoors.  What you see here is the culmination of an idea from a friend.

     Icon came from a name on a camera case. Media, because we provide photos, videos, and news to the cycling community. And Asheville, to set us apart from the others.

     We're always working with the look and feel of the site and adding  news, interviews, articles, and as always photos from your local races.

            Our content editor, works in the background,  building and aligning the pages on the site.

     Steve Barker is our current head janitor and do all, sometimes photographer.

     We're dedicated to serving the cycling masses.


     We are located at 5 True Faith Drive in Asheville, North Carolina.  We typically travel within 3 to 5 hours of Asheville.

     We typically broadcast(publish) the weekends races and events on Monday evenings between 8 and 10 pm.

        This website is designed around a 1080p widescreen format.  It will appear differently on different screens.

       Thanks for checking us out!

Purchasing photos and images from Icon Media Asheville help us continue to grow and bring you more racing from the southeast and various other locations.  Feel free to donate to the cause.  Thanks for being a friend of cycling and Icon Media Asheville!

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