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2017 Southeast Triple Crown Enduro - Windrock

Published on: 04/30/17

"Great races are our passion... We are excited to present the Southeast Triple Crown Enduro at three of the regions best venues. With unique terrain at each race, quality timing, and professionally run events, this series will give riders an experience that is unmatched in the Southeast.

Working closely with each venue ensures an awesome course design for each race. At Beech, we'll use a mix of the best trails in the bike park, including the emerald outback on the backside of the mountain. There will also be use of the chairlift for appropriate stages. For Windrock, our route will feature the true back country terrain of the Coal Creek OHV area, use of the cross country trail system, and several stages from the windmill drop giving riders 2200' of vertical descent. Transfer stages will have a mix of climbing and uplifts. The CranksGiving festival at Paris Mountain brings a fun, casual atmosphere and offers some of the best machine built trails in the region."

About this Event:

Each race will be held on a Sunday and feature 4 - 5 timed stages of racing. Course maps will be released the week of the race along with Go Pro footage of each stage. Race courses are designed to feature the best trails at each venue. Fly by timing will be used for every stage.

Schedule of Events:


October 1 , 2017


Register here. Online registration closes on September 29th at midnight  EST. Registration is limited to 150 racers.


Windrock Bike Park

912 Windrock Rd.

Oliver Spring, TN 38740

(865) 435-1251


$85 Pro's / $75 all other categories. 


Pro Women

​Pro Men

Sport Women

Sport Men

Masters Men 40 +

​Junior Women Under 18

Junior Men Under 18


Series Points:

Riders will accumulate points at each race towards their overall ranking for the series. 


Event Website:

Save yourself some time. Download(Right-Click, and save) this waiver, print it to a letter size piece of paper, fill it out and bring it with you. Boom! Less time in line to register!

Contact Information:

Neko Mulally


Looking for a place to stay for this weekend's race? Racers are offered a special rate of $75 per room at the Hampton Inn through Windrock Bike Park. Follow the link below for special rates.

Course Preview Stages 1-5

Windrock Enduro: Stage 1

With a little less than a month until the Windrock Enduro, here is your first taste of what's to come. We will be releasing the course preview of each stage over the next couple of weeks. Stage 1 is the longest stage of the 5 and will take riders down the Windmill trail. Stage 1 is for Pro Men, Pro Women, Masters Men, and Junior Men only. All other categories start on stage 2. Be sure to register here!

Posted by Windrock Bike Park on Sunday, September 3, 2017
Windrock Enduro Stage 2

Only 22 days until the Windrock Enduro on October 1st! Here is your course preview for Stage 2. Stage 2 takes riders down Mixtape on the campground side of the mountain. Be sure to register here!

Posted by Windrock Bike Park on Friday, September 8, 2017
Windrock Stage 3

Only 17 days until the Windrock Enduro! Here is Stage 3: South Side. This stage takes riders down the southside of the campground. Be sure to register here!

Posted by Windrock Bike Park on Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Windrock Enduro Stage 4

Only 11 days until the Windrock Enduro! Here is your stage 4 course preview. Stage 4 takes riders down the bike park side of the mountain with some singletrack and flow mix. Be sure to register here!

Posted by Windrock Bike Park on Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Windrock Enduro Stage 5

Only 9 days until the Windrock Enduro! Here is your 5th and final course preview. Stage 5 takes riders down the Reach Around trail on the bike park side of the mountain. Be sure to register here!

Posted by Windrock Bike Park on Thursday, September 21, 2017

Download photos by clicking the photo.  Once it opens, hit the download button on the lower right.


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